Organic Palm Sugar
Organic Palm Sugar

Organic Palm Sugar

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Organic Palm Sugar – a natural sweetener, full of antioxidants and minerals
Palm sugar is a natural sweetener which is made from the sap found in the flower buds of the coconut palm tree. It is called as natural sugar because it involves no processing and use of chemicals. Since this is unrefined sugar, it is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Bodhi Premium Quality Palm sugar is extracted from Palmyra tree neera sourced from small scale and local producers around South India. We use traditional methods to extract sugar without using any kind of chemicals or adulterants.  Bodhi palm sugar contains 86% sweetness as that of regular sugar and is a perfect replacement for white sugar. It is safe for children as it is free from chemical bleaches, preservatives and is 100% organic.

Benefits of Bodhi Organic Palm Sugar

  • Helps maintaining the electrolyte balance within the cells of our body
  • Beneficial for diabetes patients due to its low glycemic index
  • Contains a few vitamins and several minerals that help you meet daily nutritional requirement
  • Promotes Musculoskeletal Health
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